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Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society-Murphy Chapter Newsletter


October 2020


Effective on October 3rd, 2020, all remaining connection between the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, a part of the ARRL Field Organization, and the

North Carolina Auxiliary Communications Service (NC AUXCOMM) ceased to exist.


Current members in the AUXCOMM database are being asked to commit to the AUXCOMM mission, complete additional training,

and become members of a smaller cadre of more highly trained and disciplined emergency communicators.


This training and volunteer action is primarily at the expense of the member.  In some cases, financial reimbursement in the form

of per diem only may be provided for training.


Volunteer members of NC AUXCOMM are NOT protected for an injury that might be sustained while performing duties for,

and at the request of, the State of North Carolina.  They are technically protected by State Law against liability while volunteering

for the State should they be accused of causing injury to another.

This action of separating from the ARRL and ARES is a FEMA and NCEM mandate.


Leadership in the former North Carolina ARES organization have no choice but to follow this mandate in order to insure an

orderly and complete transition to the AUXCOMM model.

NC AUXCOMM members, while still ham radio operators, will likely be performing other tasks, including the

operation of SHARES HF radio equipment and VIPER radio equipment.


Any licensed ham operator who resides in North Carolina, and who would like to join NC AUXCOMM

should send a message to the club e-mail address and we will connect you with

the proper AUXCOMM coordinator.


Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR

Former EC

Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM