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Combined Cherokee County ARES/WCARS-Murphy Chapter Newsletter

 June-July, 2019


Approximately twelve members of the WCARS-Murphy Chapter and/or Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM participated in many different ways in providing an excellent Field Day experience.

This year we set up at a new location at the ad hoc flea market between 1480 and 1500 US Hwy 64 W, on the north side of the highway just west of the Town of Murphy.  Our goal this year was to provide a more publicly visible and accessible location, because despite excellent news coverage from The Cherokee Scout in the past, we have never had very many visitors to our previous Field Day sites.

Once again, the press release was printed in The Cherokee Scout, and this year we had over a dozen members of the public visit our site while it was in operation.  We did have an information booth, with flyers about ham radio in general from the ARRL and specific flyers printed with information on local club activities, ARES activities, local radio nets, our website, and social media presence.

We operated a Four Alpha station from 2 pm EDT on Saturday, June 22nd through 1 pm on Sunday, June 23rd.  While our score was only 1234 points, we enjoyed great amateur radio operator fellowship, great food, and once again proved our capability to deploy into the field in the event of an actual emergency.

We would like to thank the following individuals, in no particular order, for there specific actions which supported Field Day this year:

Dick Leineke KJ4GTK, club president, for sending out the press release, procuring the Field Day site, and providing his HF gear for 40 meter phone operation.

Jim Howard W4SDJ, club vice president, for scouting additional potential Field Day sites, and providing his HF gear for 20 meter digital operation.

Rick Mahoney KM4JLM, for setting up his portable HF station for 40 meter digital operation.

Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR, for setting up his portable HF station for 15 meter phone operation, GOTA operation, and manning the information booth.

Gary Gobeo NC4GG, for providing the generator capable of powering the communications trailer, including both the transmitters and the air conditioning.

Charlie Sedgwick KJ4ZWX, for storing, transporting, guarding, maintaining and cleaning the communications trailer, and for helping with food preparation.

Pete Michel W4MXY, for cooking and maintaining the chuck wagon.

Jim Blue N5YVV, for travelling to Samís Club to purchase food and related items.

In other news, Rick Mahoney KM4JLM, is heading up a recruitment/amateur radio demonstration drive for First Friday through October.  A portable amateur radio setup will be located at the corner of Peachtree Street and Valley River Avenue in Murphy during the First Friday event each month.  First Friday runs from 5 pm EDT to 8 pm EDT, with setup planned for 4:15 pm for each event.  Rick is looking for additional volunteers to help man our station during each First Friday.

And last, but not least, we would like to congratulate David McGarry of Hayesville for obtaining his technician class license, KN4VLR.

Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR                            Dick Leineke KJ4GTK

Emergency Coordinator                               Club President-Murphy Chapter WCARS

Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM        Assistant Emergency Coordinator

SW NC SKYWARN Net Manager            Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM            



























































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