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Combined Cherokee County ARES/WCARS-Murphy Chapter Newsletter


October-November, 2019


Members of the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society-Murphy Chapter and Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM participated in providing a radio demonstration exhibit during the Murphy First Friday event in September.  Many thanks to Rick Mahoney KM4JLM, who made the contacts, supplied ARRL handouts, and obtained permission for us to set up the exhibit.  Also, thank you to our other participating members Jim Howard W4SDJ, Ron Parks KX4IU, and Charlie Sedgwick KJ4ZWX.  The final First Friday Event is Friday, October 4th, between 5pm and 8pm.


The simplex test conducted on September 7th, 2019 went extremely well.  Thirteen amateur radio operators participated in the drill, not only from Cherokee County, but also from neighboring Clay County, and neighboring States of Georgia and Tennessee.  Based upon the response received back from the participants, home stations of Ron Parks KX4IU in the Fires Creek Community of Clay County, combined with Paul Colombo, KI4MPZ in Blairsville represent the best relay stations for simplex operation in the local area.  Previous tests have also indicated that Charlie Earle, K4CTE in Brasstown is in an excellent location as a relay station countywide.


At the September meeting, club president Dick Leineke requested Jim Howard W4SDJ, Ron Parks KX4IU, and Pete Michael W4MXY form a nominating committee for the 2020 WCARS-Murphy Chapter club officers.  The club officers are president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  Anyone interested in being considered for any of these positions should contact the nominating committee as soon as possible.  The committee will report back to the club with the list of nominees willing to be considered at the October meeting.  The actual vote will be conducted at the November meeting, where a quorum of at least 20% of the members must be present.


The WCARS-Murphy Chapter Executive Committee will be meeting on Friday, October 4th, at 12:30 p.m. to discuss upcoming events, goals,  and planning for the remainder of this year into the beginning of 2020.


The North Carolina AUXCOMM Western Branch Fall meeting will be held on Saturday, October 19th, 2019, at the Buncombe County Public Safety Training Center from 9:00 am to no later than 1:00 pm.  The state level officials in AUXCOMM will be present at this meeting to provide information as to the direction and training initiatives in the Auxiliary Communications Service.  We would like to thank those officials for accommodating the far western end of NC by moving the meeting two hours closer and two weeks earlier than previous years.  Cherokee County EC Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR is going to attend, but this meeting is not limited to members in leadership positions.  There is, however, maximum seating of 70 persons, so please contact Kevin if you plan to attend so that information can be forwarded to the event planners.


The Andrews Chamber of Commerce has requested the assistance of our club and ARES in providing tactical support for the “Magic on Main” Electric Christmas Parade to be held on Saturday, December 14th, 2019.  As of this time, we have six volunteers and we could use a few more.  Our primary responsibility this year will be limited to staging the floats in the staging areas and using low power simplex to aid in that effort.  Volunteers will need an HT programmed to operate on both 146.460 simplex and 146.430 simplex, along with proper clothing for the forecast weather, and their own food and drink.  The time frame will be roughly 5 pm to 9 pm EST.  Additional details will be sent to participating volunteers as the date grows nearer and we have our final plans developed.  Safety vests will be provided by the Chamber of Commerce for those who do not already own one.


And, finally, we would like to remind the members of Cherokee County AUXCOMM that they are required by NCEM to update their ICS training by taking ICS-100.c, ICS-200.c, ICS-700.b, and ICS-800.c on the FEMA website and updating their information in the NCAUXCOMM database at  Those who have not done so need to complete this training as soon as possible.  NCEM is in the final stages of training NCAUXCOMM volunteers to come out to the smaller communities and provide additional hands-on training as a part of a statewide initiative to credential all vetted NCAUXCOMM members.  Members who have not updated their ICS training are ineligible for any other additional formal training.


Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR                            Dick Leineke KJ4GTK

Emergency Coordinator                             Club President-Murphy Chapter WCARS

Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM         Assistant Emergency Coordinator

SW NC SKYWARN Net Manager              Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM          



























































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