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Combined Cherokee County ARES/WCARS-Murphy Chapter Newsletter


August-September, 2019


Members of the Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society-Murphy Chapter and Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM participated in providing a radio demonstration exhibit during Murphy First Friday events in July and August.  Many thanks to Rick Mahoney KM4JLM, who made the contacts, supplied ARRL handouts, and obtained permission for us to set up the exhibit.  Also, thank you to our other participating members Jim Howard W4SDJ, Ron Parks KX4IU, and Charlie Sedgwick KJ4ZWX.


Despite rainy weather on both days, our members did get some interest from passing pedestrian traffic about amateur radio.  Some were former hams whose licenses have lapsed, some were former CB radio operators interested in something better, and some were current hams from other areas who visit this area or reside part-time in this area.  Our focus has been on how older radio technology still works well, and can be interfaced with newer digital technologies, the internet, and smart phone apps.  We plan to be present for First Friday in September and October as well.  All club members are encouraged to participate in this event.


As the summer draws to a close in September, the Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM group would like to set up a series of simple point to point exercises to determine the best available means to pass traffic in the event of a major long-term power outage or other disaster which takes our own repeaters out of service.  Ideas include voice nets on FM simplex, D-Star simplex, 10 meters, and 40 meters.   We also would like to test our ability to pass written traffic or conduct a net using soundcard digital modes over both 2 meter FM and 10 or 40 meter SSB.  Input from membership is actively solicited on how to best accomplish this task.  KX4IU, KD4UYR, and K1DMR are currently monitoring 145.670, the D-Star calling channel, in D-Star mode.  Anyone with D-Star equipment who would like to check their signal strength and distance is welcome to try to contact us on that frequency.  We may be scanning on the radio, so please call more than once when trying to make a contact.  This is only for D-Star digital mode from ICOM or Kenwood transceivers.


Since Cherokee County currently has no permanent EOC, we are not able to establish pre-existing antennas or other equipment in advance.  It is imperative that we find the best means possible to transmit ICS-213 messages and other ICS forms from the EOC to NCEM if needed, and as soon as the first ham(s) arrive at the EOC upon activation.  At this point, the most feasible solution seems to be the ability to send from a portable field station to a home base station that has digital Winlink capability until the communications trailer can be rallied and delivered to the location chosen as an EOC and HF equipment can be set up.

And, finally, we would like to remind the members of Cherokee County AUXCOMM that they are required by NCEM to update their ICS training by taking ICS-100.c, ICS-200.c, ICS-700.b, and ICS-800.c on the FEMA website and updating their information in the NCAUXCOMM database at  Those who have not done so need to complete this training as soon as possible.  NCEM is in the final stages of training NCAUXCOMM volunteers to come out to the smaller communities and provide additional hands-on training as a part of a statewide initiative to credential all vetted NCAUXCOMM members.


Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR                            Dick Leineke KJ4GTK

Emergency Coordinator                             Club President-Murphy Chapter WCARS

Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM        Assistant Emergency Coordinator

SW NC SKYWARN Net Manager             Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM         



























































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