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Cherokee County North Carolina

Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society-Murphy Chapter


Amateur Radio Emergency Service/Auxiliary Communications Service











Amateur Radio Field Day 2019

Was a fabulous success!!

When: 2 pm EDT on Saturday, June 22nd until 2 pm EDT, Sunday, June 23rd

Where: At the ad hoc Flea Market near 1480 US Hwy 64 W

on the north side of the highway between the Splash and Dash Car wash and Exit Realty.

Any licensed amateur radio operator was welcome to attend and participate

We had a "Get On The Air" Station

Persons interested in learning about amateur radio were invited

and fifteen people took us up on that invitation

One person did take the opportunity to operate one of our radios.

We operated at a "4A" station, with a total score of 1234 points.

The satellite photo below shows the location of the Field Day Site:



Field Day 2018 was  held last year in Cherokee County

Where: Sheriff's Training Center, 9554 US HWY 19/74, Marble, NC

When:  Saturday, June 23th to Sunday June 24th, 2018

Operations began at 2:00 pm EDT (1800 UTC) Saturday and continued until Sunday at 2:00 pm EDT (1800 UTC)

We operated a station setup with no commercial power (Class A)

Although treated as a contest, the purpose of Field Day is to demonstrate our ability to deploy

and communicate in an emergency or disaster

This event is sponsored locally by the WCARS-Murphy Chapter with assistance from Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM

We operated in the HF (shortwave) spectrum using both voice and digital means of communication.

All  amateur radio operators were welcome to join us for all or part of the time.

Our communications trailer had been completely renovated with new interior walls, new carpet

plumbing that works, and four operating positions available inside.

The public was invited to stop by and see what ham radio is all about between the hours of 2 pm and 6 pm on Saturday, June 23rd.


The photo below shows the Field Day Site: