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Cherokee County NC Amateur Radio Emergency Service



All amateur radio operators who wish to join AUXCOMM must

complete FEMA training in the National Incident Manaagement System

and the Incident Command System.

North Carolina Emergency Management is seeking qualified volunteers

from the amateur radio community with prior experience in emergency communications,

or public service communications.

Once accepted, members must be willing to attend in-person classes for the

position of AUXC, as well as SHARES HF training.

Only certified AUXCOMM members will have access to:

-Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)

-Emergency Communication Centers (ECC)

-Staging Areas

-Distribution Points


-Evacuated Zones

In order to become NC AUXCOMM certified, members must complete National

Incident Management Training (NIMS) courses through the FEMA website.

These courses are self-study, free of charge, and available through the internet.

The required courses are ICS-100.c, ICS-200.c, ICS-700.b, and ICS-800.d

Click on the above links for direct access to complete these classes.

Once you complete all four classes, you may be invited to join AUXCOMM

via e-mail and can use the second link to access the database.

*Access to restricted areas also requires the permission of the Director of Emergency Management, County Sheriff, or their authorized designee.

Membership in NC AUXCOMM does not constitute any special privileges or employment by the State of North Carolina.

Unless also a member of the Volunteer Fire Service responding to an actual emergency, NCAUXCOMM members have no special status with regard

to obedience to all laws, including concealed firearms laws and traffic laws.


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