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Cherokee County North Carolina Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Online Spotter Training

Follow the Link below to watch a webinar from the Storm Prediction Center for Advanced Spotter Training.

Advanced Spotter Training

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NWS Severe Weather Reporting Criteria




Winter Weather Reporting Criteria

*Normally, SKYWARN nets are not run for winter weather events.  Check the daily Hazardous Weather Outlook for requests from WFSO Morristown for the above listed information.  However, a net may be activated for a Blizzard or Ice Storm Warning.


Southwest Carolina SKYWARN Net Protocol

The Southwest Carolina Skywarn Net will be activated for Severe Thunderstorm and/or Tornado Watches and Warnings affecting either or both Clay and Cherokee Counties of Southwest North Carolina.

When a Watch or Warning is issued, the Net will activate and take check-ins by the various community locations within the affected area, ie: Hayesville, Warne, Brasstown, Peachtree, Murphy, Marble, Andrews, Hanging Dog, Grape Creek, Unaka, Bellview, Valleytown, Culberson, Ranger, Hiwassee Dam, Martin's Creek, Hothouse, Wolf Creek, and then surrounding areas. If the activation is for a Watch which may last for several hours, the net will be in a "Stand By" mode, meaning the amateur repeater is open for normal use, but spotters will be monitoring and reporting if severe weather is spotted.

If the activation is for a warning, or severe weather is reported, the net is a formal net.  All requests must be made through net control. No other activity is permitted on the frequency.  All persons checking into the net will provide their call sign, name, general location (as above) and current weather conditions.  The only other traffic permitted is reports of severe weather and severe weather ONLY! The net control will provide continuous updates as received from the the NWSFO Morristown. The Net Control will interact with the amateur radio station at WSFO Morristown, WX4MRX, if that station is on frequency. The net will close or stand down at the conclusion of the warning or watch, or as conditions warrant in the informed opinion of the Net Control Operator.